Pen-Pal Club - Purpose

Teaching our Children to Keep Their Word

We all know the obviously wonderful benefits of enrolling our children into the Southeastern Regional Pen Pal Club, but Let us take this engaging activity a step further by using it as a platform to encourage our kids to “keep their word”  and make  a commitment to write and respond to their Pen Pal at least once a month.

The success of the Pen Pal Club hinges on the active participation of our children and your support of the region’s initiative by providing multiple opportunities to write to their Pen Pal. Use this time to facilitate meaningful conversations that will foster your child’s ability to understand multiple viewpoints, traditions, customs, and the interests of others. One-on-one dialogue is a great way to help children articulate their ideas on paper. At the same time the children are strengthening their handwriting, grammar, and communication skills, while building a very important character trait of keeping their word.

You will be able to register your child(ren) for the Pen Pal Club October 27- November 20,, 2016. Use this opportunity to review the Pen Pal Club requirements and the Code of Conduct with your child. Also during this time, emphasize their commitment to their Pen Pal and help them to understand that this will be a yearlong commitment.

In closing, remember the key to the success of the Pen Pal Club is active participation!